The Dancing Bull Productions Catalog

Background Info:

Dancing Bull Productions began in 1990, in Salisbury, Maryland. Some people have asked us if we are derivative of, or related to Dancing Ferret Productions ( The answer is no.

The name "Dancing Bull" came about because our friend D.R. Jarrell used to have this plastic bull who lived on top of this really old upright subwoofer. Whenever we finished recordings, we'd go over D.R's place to drink and watch bad films. During playback of bassier tracks, the bull would dance around on the sub and sometimes jump onto the floor. This was how he showed his approval. A&R duties have since been handled by fellow inanimates such as Mr Id the giant glass head, and Leo the plastic lion.

Catalog ID Band Album Distribution Availability
DBP01 The Apologizers B0kset 25 (4CD Set) Sold Out
DBP02 boole WooperDU E.P. 111 Sold Out
DBP03 boole Subversitek (MCD) 50 Sold Out
DBP04 OMGISFS Pull Through L.P. 25 Sold Out
DBP05 boole boole L.P. 1000 Available
DBP06 The Apologizers Blimp To The Sun 2CD 500 Available
DBP07 boole Pheromones 1000+ Available 9/2002
DBP08 boole The Vital Few 1000+ Available 2/14/2008